All you should know about Instagram clipboard in 2021

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Instagram is quite possibly the most famous web-based media stages for sharing posts, stories, recordings, and writings nowadays. On the off chance that you are utilizing Instagram and sharing posts there, you most likely are searching for an approach to duplicate content from the web and different organizations for your subtitles. In this article, we’ll tell you the best way to reorder messages effectively with the clipboard on Instagram.

On the off chance that you are searching for a simple method to repost content on Instagram, attempt AiGrow with the expectation of complimentary today.

What is an Instagram clipboard?

Instagram permits you to share connections and writings from different stages. Instagram clipboard is an information base of your as of late duplicated messages that permits you to glue it on your inscriptions and Stories; You can discover the clipboard on Instagram in two spots; Posts and Stories. In the following, we’ll tell you the best way to utilize everyone.

Where is the clipboard on Instagram Stories?

Discovering the clipboard on Instagram stories is truly straightforward; simply follow these means:

  • Duplicate the post Url, site URL, or any content you need on your telephone.
  • Open Instagram stories.
  • Catch a photograph or look up and pick one from your display.
  • Tab the Aa button on top of your screen.
  • Presently you can see the content on your clipboard.
  • Glue it and offer your Story.
Clipboard on Instagram stories

Where is the clipboard on Instagram posts?

You can utilize the Instagram clipboard to reorder an inscription, share joins on your posts’ subtitles, and so forth Here are how to get to the clipboard on Instagram posts:

  • Log into your Instagram account and tap the + icon to share a post.
  • Choose a picture from your gallery and tap next.
  • Edit your picture with different tools and filters and tap next.
  • In the Write a caption box, tap and hold your finger.
  • Now you can see the clipboard and paste the text.

Repost content using clipboard on Instagram

At whatever point you need to share content on your page however need more an ideal opportunity to make your own, you can repost from different clients with their authorization. You can do it utilizing the clipboard on Instagram; Here is the ticket:

  • Track down the post you need and tap the three=dot symbol at the upper right of the post.
  • Select Copy Link.
  • Presently the connection is replicated to your clipboard. To download the post with the best quality, you need to utilize an Instagram post downloader. At that point duplicate the connection there and download the post.
  • After downloading the post, you can share it ordinarily yet, remember to label the proprietor. Likewise, utilize the first inscription close to yours, so you are giving the proprietor credit.

A better way to Repost content on Instagram

Rather than replicating a post URL to your clipboard on Instagram, downloading it with an outsider application, and re-sharing it, you can utilize AiGrow to Repost from different clients as simple as pie. AiGrow is an Instagram executives and development device with various highlights, including a repost instrument. Here is bit by bit how to repost content utilizing AiGrow:

  • First, signup on AiGrow’s website for free using your email address and log into your account.
  • Select Add Instagram account and use your Instagram login information to link your accounts.
  • Click Manage Account to start using different features.
  • Open the Post&Scheduling tab and Click the Repost button. You can share other users’ feed posts and stories.
  • To repost on your feed, choose Feed.
  • In the opened window, you can find your intended content by searching Hashtags, Locations, Usernames, or URLs.
  • After choosing the post, click the Repost button below it.
  • In the opened window, you can add your caption under the original one, add hashtags, tag users, etc.
  • When you are done with details, you can schedule the post or share it immediately.

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Best of all, this element is without altogether and you can utilize it any r=time you need just with basic information exchange.


Have you at any point needed to duplicate content and offer it in your subtitles and stories? The most straightforward approach to do it is by utilizing the clipboard on Instagram. This article told you bit by bit the best way to discover this component and use it to repost content from different clients. Additionally, we acquainted you with AiGrow for reposting and becoming your Instagram page rapidly.



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